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A Model Resident

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A Model Resident

A Model Resident

When you visit Creekside in Huntsville, you may notice one resident that walks the hallways with a little bit more style than most and with good reason. Camille Wharton is accustomed to walking the runway as a former model. “My favorite part was dragging expensive mink coats down the runway,” laughed Wharton.

As a student at SMU (Southern Methodist University) in Dallas, she was offered her first job modeling for Mademoiselle magazine. She explained that her father was so proud that he carried the magazine everywhere he went to show off his daughter’s accomplishment to anyone who was willing to look. She eventually took a break from her career to raise a family but was quickly whisked back into the industry when she got connected with the Ben Shaw Modeling School and was later hired by a Houston department store for runway shows and photoshoots.  

She continued to work as a model through the 80’s before retiring. Eventually she turned her talents towards opening a small modeling business out of her home where she taught basic modeling skills to the young women of Huntsville.

Almost four decades later, she would be called on again to use her talents in front of the camera when the Creekside team approached her about being featured in the community’s television commercial. She was all too happy to share her testimony in the ad saying, “Since I’ve moved into Creekside, it has been very good for my children. Because they don’t worry about me, they don’t have to check on me constantly, it was a good thing for both of us. Moving to Creekside really was a step in the right direction because I got busy. I have friends around, people to see, things to do, everything is fun and I look forward to every day.”

Jill Janes, MRC VP of Sales and Marketing was present at the commercial shoot sharing, “It was pretty obvious that we were working with a professional the moment the camera turned on. Camille knew exactly what to do! What can I say? The camera loves her!” Whether it’s walking the runway or the hallways of Creekside, she still exudes style and grace, with just a touch of sass.

Camille is seated with Dolly, from left to right is Myrtle Wilson– Creekside Resident, Jennifer Nickell– Marketing Director, and Rachel Honung– Certified Nurse Assistant.

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