Wellness Creekside


It can happen that a resident suddenly discovers, through no fault of their own, that their funds have unexpectedly run out. Naturally, fear and anxiety are their first responses. They’re anxious about the future and fearful they won’t have a home to call their own, or the ability to pay their doctor bills. That’s why we need you. Your gift to the Benevolent Care fund (below) means we can reassure them their needs will be met and they’ll always have a home with us. The truth is, thanks to angels like you, we’ve never yet had to deny a home to any resident for lack of funds, and we intend never to do that. Thank you for your gift of compassion.

The Benevolent Care fund is but 1 of 3 current primary opportunities for giving. All are worthy.

  • Benevolent Care — Your gift helps a resident remain with us, to live with dignity and continue to receive the care they need.
  • Education — For decades, MRC (Methodist Retirement Communities), our parent company, has promoted lifelong learning. Today, we actively encourage our employees to pursue their continuing education goals.
  • Construction — We’ve relied on the kindness and generosity of major donors to start up new communities and renovate, expand and improve already-standing communities. In fact, without the support of those who share our commitment of a faith-based environment for senior care, MRC might still be where we started, 50+ years ago – and Creekside wouldn’t be here.

In addition to the three primary opportunities for giving listed above, charitable donations may be used to hire specialty instructors to teach Tai Chi or to purchase equipment for chair yoga, for example. Donations may also help fund new programming or staff training.



Gifts to Creekside and to MRC (that is, the Methodist Retirement Communities Foundation, an IRS-qualified 501(c)(3) charitable organization) are tax-deductible. You can make a gift directly to Creekside, create a memorial fund in honor of a loved one, remember Creekside in your will, or do just about anything you might have in mind — though we ask please that you check with us first, as our nonprofit status means we must abide by strict rules. It’s your decision whether to remain anonymous or join our other wonderful Donors in our Annual Gifts list.


We do always accept cash; however, we know from experience that it might work better for your situation (and makes no difference to us) for you to consider a gift derived from:

  • A bequest
  • Accumulated cash reserves, dividends, or investment and interest income
  • Accumulated cash that may lie dormant in insurance policies, derived from oil and mineral rights, property, real estate, or royalties and options
  • Donor-advised funds that provide an immediate tax benefit and income for life
  • Gifts from your inheritance or family trust
  • Gifts-in-kind
  • Retained life estate, where your real estate becomes a gift while you retain its use
  • Securities, stocks, bonds, treasury notes, mutual funds, planned/estate gifts or IRAs

Our development professionals can structure your gift to maximize benefits for you as well as for us. For assistance of all kinds, please don’t hesitate to contact us.