The word is out. Listen to what residents have to say about Creekside retirement community.

  • From the first day I came in here, I was very impressed with how well they work together; it’s like a well-oiled machine. They have a great camaraderie. The staff is very caring and attentive to my needs, whether it be a glass of water or physical advancement.

    Jane Farrell, rehabilitation resident

  • They do so much more than just the basic needs. They work everything. The team is very jolly, and they really know your needs. Such an amazing group of people and so easy to get along with. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Joseph Hardy, rehabilitation resident

  • I am pleased to be here. We have people here to care for us anytime we need them. Not having to cook and clean has been the biggest blessing.

    Shirley Carter, assisted living resident

Better yet: Come visit and ask anyone yourself.