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A Twin Takeover

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A Twin Takeover

A Twin Takeover

The odds of having twins is approximately three percent while the odds of having identical twins is less than one percent. These staggering statistics make the fact that Creekside’s two leaders, James Logan– Executive Director and Varion Walton– Director of Nurses, are both members of an identical twin pair an even more impressive coincidence.

James and his twin brother, Dennis, were born in San Diego to their parents James and Mary. The pair would frequently play pranks on their teachers by attending each other’s classes to see if they could fool them. While they never got into big trouble with their antics, they did have one teacher that would get a little irritated with the pair. As far as telling the two apart, Dennis has a small birthmark on his neck which was what their parents relied on when they were young. They were also required by their parents to dress alike until they finally stood up for themselves in third grade insisting that they be able to adopt their own style. “We had a lot of fun and shared a special bond that I think was beyond the typical sibling bond,” recalled James. While James found his career in Senior Living, Dennis went on to become a technician.

Dennis (left) and James (right)  

Varion and his twin brother Darion, were born in Dallas Texas to Sophia and Varron. The twins were raised in Jewett, a small town in East Texas. From the very beginning, the pair did almost everything together. For example, at sixteen they each landed their first job at their local Brookshire Brothers where they were promoted to management positions. The trend continued when they earned three degrees together from Navarro College and Sam Houston State University.

Inspired by their humbled beginnings, the pair cofounded a non-profit, Walton Inspires 501C3. The organization aims to provide mentorship to underprivileged youth, scholarships to graduating seniors, and workforce ready workshops to enhance professional skills.

Darion (left) and Varion (right)  

Only after pursuing their education did they seem to set branch into their own paths. Varion going into Healthcare Administration and Darion going into Educational Leadership. The two Creekside leaders have swapped stories about growing up as identical twins and found comradery in an experience few on this earth can directly relate to. “It’s always fun to talk to someone who knows what it feels like to have a sibling that is your exact mirror image. It’s a unique and fun way to grow up,” laughed Logan.


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