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Aging is not Based on Luck Alone- 3 ways you can live longer!

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Aging is not Based on Luck Alone- 3 ways you can live longer!

Aging is not Based on Luck Alone- 3 ways you can live longer!

Aging is not Based on Luck Alone- 3 ways you can live longer!

By:  Jill Janes

Did you pull the lucky straw when it comes to genetics?  Perhaps the elders in your family live very long lives, remaining active and fit until the day they die.  Maybe you are like most of us and have a few unlucky genetic conditions that you wish had skipped right over you.  As impactful as our ancestors may be to our physical make up, research shows that only 30% of our longevity will be determined by those who came before us.

So what makes up the other 70%? HOW YOU LIVE!

  • Healthcare 10%  It is critical to be active and engaged in your own healthcare. Don’t just sit in the passenger seat when it comes to your healthcare. Ask questions, be informed and get in the driver’s seat because after all, you are in charge of your own aging story.
  • Individual Behavior 40%  You’ve heard it said, “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it”. How you spend your day and what you put in your body will naturally be a major player in how you age. Do you spend a lot of time sitting? Are you eating too much junk food? That’s a sure fire way to shorten your life. So, what are you waiting for? It is never too late to get that body moving, drink plenty of water and eat nutritious meals.
  • Social and Environmental Conditions 20%  Did you get out today and visit with anyone? Did you get a hug or meaningful handshake from someone? If not, studies suggest that you might be less healthy than those who did experience these social exchanges today. Where you live can greatly improve your accessibility to social interactions and lessen the opportunity for isolation. In fact, many seniors who choose to live in a senior living community find that depression and loneliness are no longer such a big factor in their emotional wellness due to ample opportunities to gather with friends. The bottom line is, the more your flex that social muscle, the healthier you’ll be and the longer you’ll live.

So, how will you age? Well, 30% is based on genetics and simply out of your hands, however, the other 70% is totally up to you!  Don’t wait- take control of your aging story and choose to do all you can to live a long, full life!

Source: Whereyoulivematters.org

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