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Difficult times call for loyal friends

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Difficult times call for loyal friends

Difficult times call for loyal friends

What happens when an extended illness makes it difficult to pay your bills? Or when a house fire requires you to start over or broken water pipes makes a mess of your house?  It’s easy to be overwhelmed in those crazy situations and wonder “where do I go from here?”  

 In the last year, MRC employees who have gone through these types of things have looked for help from their co-workers through the Employee Emergency Fund.  The Fund originated in February, 2021 to provide emergency financial assistance to MRC Employees going through financial hardship due to emergency situations beyond their control.  

The Fund is primarily funded and grows by donations from MRC Employees. Many donate through small gifts deducted each pay period from their checks. Several hundred small bi-weekly gifts add up over time. So much so that in the year since its inception, the Fund has been able to provide a little over $19,500 in assistance to 13 different employees going through difficult times.  

 Amanda Cancella, a team member at MRC Creekside, had severe damage to her home following the plummeting temperatures in February of last year.  Thinking back on that time in her life, she shared, “I was so overwhelmed with all the repairs that I was facing, worried how I would be able to get all the work done and still provide for my family.  Knowing that I could turn to my work family during that hard time left me with a sense of security. Without the Employee Emergency Fund, I don’t know what I would have done.  A HUGE Thank you to my MRC family for helping me and my family in our time of need! You all are truly amazing!!”  


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