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Geneva Vier packed many miles into 15 years of wandering

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Geneva Vier packed many miles into 15 years of wandering

Geneva Vier packed many miles into 15 years of wandering

She lives quietly now at Creekside Retirement Community, but Geneva Vier has seen the world-lots of it. To hear her tell it, travel-truly enjoyable, carefree travel-begins after age 55.

“I started traveling when I retired, and traveled until my husband was no longer able to do it. We always traveled with the same guide service that catered to seniors. When we started, we were the youngest ones in the group.”

As the years went by and the couple could no longer claim “the youngest” status, they were able to look back on many miles and many smiles. Geneva spent nine birthdays in Hawaii. They traveled to Russia, England, Scandinavia and Bora Bora. And although she considers them “minor trips,” Geneva visited Disney World eight times for Christmas vacations.

“I had the Life of Riley,” said Geneva. My husband was in the military, and we kept traveling until Desert Storm in 1991, when he became unable to travel anymore.”

Now 91 years old, the memories of all those trips still brings her joy. She speaks enthusiastically of favorite trips and of the friendships made along the way.

“So many people have asked me what were my favorite trips, so I would have to say western Canada would be one of them. The vistas-wow!”

On another memorable trip, she sailed down the St. Lawrence River past an illuminated Statue of Liberty for a breathtaking sight. However, if she were somehow forced to choose, Geneva would say Vienna, Austria, would be her all-time favorite trip.

“We would travel for two to three weeks at a time, and usually took two major trips each year. Travel during your retirement years is so different, so much more carefree than taking vacations during your working years. It truly is the golden years of travel.”

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