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How to prepare for a visit to Creekside

Visiting Creekside- Assisted Living, Memory Care or Skilled Nursing

 Beginning Thursday 4-1-2021 Creekside will offer three types of visits:

·      Essential Care Visits

·      Personal Visits

·      Compassionate Visits- contact our team to learn more about this protocol


Ø All guests must inform Creekside of the type of visit you will be requesting. All visits must be scheduled. We prefer that this correspondence comes via the CreeksideVisitation@mrcaff.orgemail, but you can also call the front desk to schedule your appointment at (936)439-4700.

Ø You are only able to schedule 1 week at a time.  Visitation hours have been expanded to 9am to 7pm, 7 days a week.  

Ø All guests must pass the screening and temperature check at the front desk or entrance into Creekside will be denied.  

Ø There is no longer a requirement for visitors to be Covid-19 tested or show proof of being Covid-19 negative, however, Creekside will continue to offer testing to visitors upon request to help reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19.  We continue to recommend testing.  

Essential Visitors:

Ø These visits are not restricted based on resident Covid-19 status or community Covid-19 status.  

Ø Essential Visitors must have completed the required training and Essential Visitor contract prior to the first visit.

Ø The two named Essential Caregivers may now visit at the same time.

Ø Essential Visitors must be 18 years or older.

Ø These visits are permitted outdoors or in the resident’s room.  

Ø  Essential visitors do not have to maintain social distancing during their visit and may have close and personal contact with the resident. The essential visitor must comply with wearing the same personal protective equipment (PPE) as the staff wears at all times.

Personal Visits:

Ø  Personal visits are permitted with Covid-19 Negative residents only.

Ø  Personal visits are not restricted to essential caregivers.

Ø  Personal visitors must comply with wearing a medical face mask at all times during the visit.  Only if the resident chooses, can you have close personal contact.  

Ø  Personal visits are restricted to 2 visitors at a time in resident’s room. General outdoor visits will be limited to 3 visitors.

Ø  There is no age restriction to personal visitors, however, all visitors must be able to wear a medical mask for the whole visit and comply with social distancing from those you are not visiting.  Guests bringing children must ensure they are able to comply with these requirements or the visit will be terminated.

Ø  It is at the community’s discretion to cancel or reschedule outdoor visits due to inclement weather.  

v  All visitation is subject to change.

v  Example request for visits:


·      Type of visit (essential, indoor, outdoor)

·      Name of resident

·      Name of person visiting

·      Date of visit

·      Time of visit

·      Anticipated length of visit

·      Location of visit (residents room #)

·      Contact phone number

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