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Robert A. Josey Hospital Fund gifts community with needed medical equipment

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Robert A. Josey Hospital Fund gifts community with needed medical equipment

Robert A. Josey Hospital Fund gifts community with needed medical equipment

A grant of $25,000 was awarded to MRC Creekside to purchase a portable bladder scanner, complete blood count (CBC) machine and Chem (Piccolo) machine to aid in more effectively providing care to our elders. Our ultimate goal is always to provide our elders with the best quality of life.

The Josey family has been a part of Huntsville, Texas since 1854 when Robert’s grandfather Theophilus Josey moved to Huntsville from South Carolina. Robert Anthony Josey was born in Huntsville in 1870 and graduated from the Sam Houston Teachers College in 1890 as well as receiving a degree from Texas A&M University. In 1901, Robert began his career in the oil drilling industry in Texas and later in Oklahoma before returning to Texas and settling in Houston until his death in 1954. Robert was a self-made millionaire as well as a generous philanthropist like so many in the Josey family.

In 1934, Robert supplied funds to build the Boy Scout Lodge in Huntsville on 22nd street, which was dedicated as the Robert A. Josey Boy Scout Lodge. After the completion of the lodge, Robert donated the building and the land to the Boy Scouts. Robert’s brother Col. Jackson E. Josey also contributed his time and resources to the Boy Scouts as well as the involvement of their sister Mollye Josey King. The Boy Scout Lodge and Caretaker’s Cabin are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Robert always remembered his Huntsville community after moving to Houston. Robert donated land to create Emancipation Park and founded the Robert A. Josey Hospital Fund to provide medical treatments, medicines, or equipment of needy Walker County residents. He also paid off debt from the First Baptist Church where his father Evander T. Josey was a deacon and established The E.T. and Melissa Josey Loan Fund at Sam Houston State Teachers College in honor of his parents.

Source:  The Robert A. Josey Boy Scout Lodge: An Investment with Significant Dividends article from December 10, 2009. Written by Nichole Becker

“The benefits of having this equipment gives us the opportunity to provide the best care by being proactive. The benefits of the bladder scanner allow us to scan an individual’s bladder to see if there is retention, thus allowing us to help relieve pain associated with a full bladder.  In addition, it helps us to prevent urinary tract infections as well. The CBC and Piccolo allows us to complete the most common labs here at Creekside. This means we do not have to send the lab work off to an offsite facility.  By doing so, this gives us direct results in minutes compared to hours or possibly days. The Urine Analyzer allows us to run tests  instead of having to wait for a lab tech and waiting for results. These four little pieces of equipment are actually life savers for Creekside,” explained James Logan, Executive Director. 

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