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What you can do, In Lieu of Flowers

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What you can do, In Lieu of Flowers

What you can do, In Lieu of Flowers

What does it mean when it reads, “in lieu of flowers”? It is a difficult time when a loved one passes away. There are so many things to think of and arrangements to be made. One of the last things one usually thinks about is, “what do we do with all these flowers”? Flowers do bring a touch of life and beauty to the environment and are still an important component to a visitation and funeral.

I recall after both of my parents died, we were left with lots of flowers and plants. We loved seeing all of them at the visitation as well as reading all the special notes that were with them. The special thought and time each family took to make sure those flowers were there really did touch our hearts. But with it only being my brother and I, plus the fact that I lived in another state, it was difficult to find a place for all of them. We were already emotionally and physically exhausted. We didn’t have the energy to make more phone calls to locate homes for all the flowers and plants.

One thing a family can choose to do is ask for family and friends of the deceased loved one to give a donation in memory of them to their favorite charity. This is a very thoughtful gift “in lieu of flowers” that can continue to offer support or services to other individuals in memory of your loved one.

The charity might be their church, a hospital or care community like MRC Creekside, university or school. The funeral homes offer memorial envelopes for such gifts, or the individual giving the gift can give directly to the charity which is listed while including instructions for whom the gift is in memory of. “In lieu of flowers” is a very thoughtful way to honor a family member or friend.

By Nichole Becker
MRC Creekside Philanthropy Director

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